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» Incedence of taxes

» Import of user cars - Japan seeks to thwart proposal

Business circles acknowledge Dhanji Group as one of the foremost and Premier Business Houses in automobile trade. The last millennium has seen the induction of our third generation into the trade. All this has come to pass due to the wisdom and foresight of our patriarch, Mohammad Hussain Dhanji, an eminent national personality and a leader of the trading community. His selfless devotion of finance and time towards social welfare and betterment of trade associations, are legendary.

Major segment of our clientele comprises of very affluent notables from the upper strata of society. Their desire to own the finest automobiles available and our ability to satisfy that requirement, has earned us their confidence over the decades.

In recent years, due to good referrals by our permanent clients, we have seen a significant rise in demand for our services. As such, we have embarked upon an expansion phase, which will establish our presence on the trade horizon of our nation, more prominently.


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We help import cars of your dreams. We are the pioneers in automobile trade in Pakistan. We know how to give you an ultimate driving experience. If you want to sell your car and are looking for a platform then we are here to give the best possible service.